Your Local Pharmacy Fight to Survive

your local pharmacy fight to survive

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Your local Pharmacy Fight to Stay in Business

A lot of us depend on a daily regimen of medicine to manage our physical well being.

And if it weren’t for your local pharmacy, you would have to travel outside the neighborhood to buy life sustaining medicine for you and your loved ones.

Most of us know the people at the pharmacy on a first name basis because they’ve become as important as the doctor writing the prescriptions.

They know more about what you’re being prescribed and will often explain the effects and suggest alternatives.

But that could all change sooner than we think.

Like local record stores, your local pharmacy could go out of business due to shrinking reimbursements from Health Insurance companies.

And that could affect what medicine will cost if they vanish from the neighborhood.

Why should this matter?

While we’ve become used to shopping for everything online, Amazon doesn’t deliver medicine to your front door.

And chain drug stores like Walgreens, Duane Reade and Rite Aid charge the highest drug prices for prescription medicine in the City.

What can you do about this?

Find out how you can support keeping local pharmacies open to keep your cost for prescription medicine affordable.

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Would you live here in Crown Heights?

1 bedroom apt on prospect place in crown heights at corley realty group crg3236

If you’re ready to shed your rooming situation and want a quaint apartment all to yourself, consider this one.

This 1 bedroom apartment is the perfect spot offering loads of charm with hardwood floors, brick exposure and french doors.

It’s centrally located closed to many restaurants and bars and a quick walk to the train station.

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Bushwick Furious at City’s Rezoning Plan

bushwick furious at city's rezoning plan

Lifelong Bushwick residents continue to live under threat of displacement from rapid development and gentrification.

And their fears only worsened after the Dept of City Planning presented changes to the proposed rezoning plan.

Attendees saw nothing resembling any recommendations made in the Bushwick Community Plan, which was to serve as a blueprint for city agencies to follow.

While lifelong residents in Brooklyn fear the same displacement, Bushwick’s community board 4 is a shining example of local advocacy.

Read about their efforts to press City officials to make rezoning changes that reflect needs of all community stakeholders.

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Bill de Blasio Won’t Be President Because …

bill de blasio will not be president because

No Mayor of New York City who ran ever won.

Seems having Mayor of NYC on your resume is the first strike against you.

In fact, you have a better chance being elected President if you were Police Commissioner than Mayor.

But did you know there were 3 Mayors before de Blasio who announced their candidacy to inhabit the White House?

Read the short history on NYC Mayor’s failed attempts in their bids for President.

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