The Wonderful East Flatbush Home Their 2 Little Girls Deserved

the wonderful east flatbush home their 2 little girls deserved

lt was December 1972 and moving day couldn’t come sooner.

Jimmy went to get the UHaul that morning while Carolyn went through each room making sure everything was packed and ready to go.

While they couldn’t wait to move into their new East Flatbush home, she knew they would miss living in Crown Heights.

They were newlyweds when they moved to Ebbets Field Apartments and reminiscing about the good times at that 1 bedroom apartment made leaving feel bitter-sweet.

264 East 43rd St was the home their 2 little girls deserved and Jimmy wanted his family to spend Christmas in their house.

They were so proud to reach this milestone together.

Before moving to East 43rd St

Jimmy and Carolyn went to their new home to figure out where everything would go.

It was emptied of the previous owners furnishings and would make moving their things into this 8 room, 2 story house with an unfinished attic and basement easy.

So space wasn’t their concern. Finding a place to put their Christmas tree up was.

They wanted their girls to see it each time they walked through the front door.

And there was no better place than next to the staircase in the formal dining room.  It wouldn’t be in the way since you could still walk upstairs to the bedrooms.

Your eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to that point in the room the moment you walked past the enclosed porch into the living room.

Carolyn taped a sign on the wall, “Christmas tree & ornaments here” to mark the spot while Jimmy smiled in approval.

That first Christmas morning

You could smell breakfasts being cooked in the spacious eat in kitchen.

Soon as Carolyn called for everyone to “come eat”, the girls ran into the bedroom to get Jimmy.

But they weren’t interested in eating.

They wanted the gift he promised them when they moved into their new home.

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So Jimmy made his way past the kitchen out to the backyard and into the garage.  That’s where he hid the one gift they wanted more thana wonderful east flatbush home their 2 little girls deserved anything else.

And to their surprise, Jimmy pulled a puppy from under his robe with a bow tied around his neck.

47 years at this East Flatbush home

Jimmy and Carolyn raised to 2 smart, beautiful girls who each went on to do great things in their lives.

And by all accounts, they couldn’t have lived a better life than they did on East 43rd St.

Perhaps they were lucky but they would tell you otherwise.  Their faith led them to that house in East Flatbush.

It was the first and only house they looked at after deciding they wanted a home of their own.

And they know a family as deserving as they were 47 years ago will be blessed to become its new owners.

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