Weeksville Heritage Center Could Close Permanently

weeksville heritage center

Weeksville Heritage Center Needs Your Help!

Weeksville Heritage Center relies heavily on private donations and City funding but this important black cultural institution is in peril and may close by July.

In spite of the historical importance that focuses on the country’s first free black community in Brooklyn established in 1838, their fundraising efforts have proven to be difficult.

Organizers set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise $200,000 and as of today it raised close to $76,000.

Click here to be a part of maintaining an important legacy.

Help spread the word to keep its doors open.

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There’s More to Brooklyn Architecture Than late 19th Century Row Houses

Nothing beats a nice stroll through a neighborhood on a Spring day.

While Crown Heights and Bed Stuy are notorious for many Brownstone and Limestone beauties, there are architectural structures in varying neighborhoods that you may not have imagined.

For instance, have you ever considered trekking through Hylan Park in Cypress Hills? You’ll be surprised at the mini mansions and free standing Victorian style homes in the area.

Find out here which 10 areas are featured.

Have you visited any of the locations on the list?

How did Crown Heights’ Carroll Street Bridge Come About

Crown Heights Carroll Street Bridge

You may not have noticed this walkway along your daily travels in the neighborhood.

It’s a quaint walkway located on Carroll between Washington and Franklin Avenues near the Franklin Avenue Shuttle.

Read about its history in the above link.

Did you know about the Carroll Street Bridge?

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