Tenants Protected From Income Discrimination

tenants protected from income discrimination

Landlords barred from discriminating against tenants with housing vouchers

Renters with housing vouchers, veterans benefits, or other non-wage income sources are protected against income discrimination under New York State Human Rights Law.

The law prohibits landlords and Real Estate Agents from denying rightful tenancy.

One mandate of the Lawful Source of Income Discrimination bill is that landlords must own at least six rental units.

Read here to see if you are at risk of violating New York Housing Laws.

Do you think this rule will help bridge the gap in helping non-wage income residents find suitable housing?

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Real Estate Heirs Left Vulnerable Due To Real Estate Investor Tactics

partition sale blogpost

If you haven’t heard of “Partition Sales”, you should become familiar with it.

Investors are swooping in on vulnerable homeowners that have multiple heirs and may be under distress or estranged situations.

Investors will seek out heirs and offer to buy their interest in the property (usually much lower than its value). This forces the remaining owner to sell because the investor will file a partition action in court.

This forced sale is usually to the benefit of the investor as they will make a hefty profit upon resale. And in many cases little to no upgrades were made to the home.

A New York State Senator is proposing laws to curtail or limit this currently legal tactic.

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Crown Heights Tenants Protest Brooklyn Landlord With 3,500 Open Violations

tenants rights

Landlord Joseph Popack owns 46 apartment buildings throughout Crown Heights, East Flatbush and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn where tenants are living under subpar conditions.

Tenants protested outside one of the property manager’s office to address concerns. He defended his position and assured he would call about the repairs. However, he didn’t indicate when he would meet with the tenants.

In addition to housing conditions, residents are also concerned about the landlord’s use of preferential rent.

It allows discounted rates to lease in rent stabilized apartments but raises it exponentially in the coming years.

Lawmakers are proposing a bill to close the loophole helping tenants remain in their units.

Do you think tenant protests work in getting landlords to fix building violations?

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