Plumber Earns Record NYCHA Overtime Pay

plumber earns record nycha overtime pay

Plumber laying pipe earns record NYCHA overtime pay

Vincenzo Giurbino, earned more than $300,000 working in NYCHA buildings with overtime earnings alone exceeding the Governor’s and Mayor’s salary respectively.

Of the potential 260 calendar days he could work, Vincenzo only worked 206 days.

Accounting for weekends, Vincenzo still had 55 days off for being sick, paid holidays and scheduled vacation.

And he’s not alone. NYCHA employees earned approximately $100 million in overtime pay in 2018. A backlog of repairs is to blame for the rising labor cost at the nation’s largest public housing agency.

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Would you live in Greenwood Heights?

31st street 1 bedroom apartment in greenwood heights at corley realty group crg3246

Some of you might be asking, where is Greenwood Heights in Brooklyn?

This charming, pet friendly 1 bedroom apartment on 31st street is in the heart of this tiny community between Park Slope and Sunset Park.

And because of its location, you’re in walking distance of the world famous Greenwood Cemetery, Sunset Park and Industry City.

Click the link and discover the benefits of this rental’s private entrance, home office (that can double as a guest room) and remodeled eat-in-kitchen today.

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Can your block “Bring It” in this year’s Greenest Block competition?

greenest block in brooklyn contest

What a great way to spruce up your block and come together as neighbors by participating in the Greenest Block in Brooklyn competition.

Sponsored by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the contest is entering its 25th year supporting neighbors with beautifying their community.

There are eight categories for a chance to win for prizes and reception held on the winning block. The deadline for entry is June 1st.

You can sign up for free workshops to help your block learn more about their greening initiatives.

Do you plan to sign up for the competition?

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City ready to build on lots that community gardens call home

big ideas for small lots finalists

Five architects are finalist for the city’s affordable housing initiative targeting small or odd size lots throughout the borough.

Big Ideas for Small Lots competition drew hundreds of entries submitting unique and innovative proposals for a jury of nine to review.

Click the link above to see the winning proposals.

What do you think of the designs submitted for development?

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