Crown Heights Spice Factory Site For Two Towers

crown heights spice factory site for two towers

Crown Heights Spice Factory

Crown Heights Will Likely See Two 39 Story Towers at The Old Spice Factory

Opponents argue that developing the old Crown Heights Spice Factory into two towers will cast a large shadow over the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Residents fear it will reek havoc on local infrastructure due to other planned developments in the area.

The developer is seeking a zoning variance through the controversial Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program.

If developers fail to get the variance, the alternative would be to build 518 market-rate condominiums. This would result a series of 6 to 7 story buildings on the existing lot.

What are your thoughts about seeing two 39 story towers built near the Botanic Gardens?


Living in Crown Heights

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also in Crown Heights

housing lottery blog post

The odds of winning a Housing Lottery is 1 in 592. And with the substantial influx of development projects happening in Crown Heights and surrounding areas, here’s why some say you should absolutely apply for the elusive housing lottery.

There’s a housing shortage for middle income residents in NYC, but it’s particularly worse for low income and homeless households.

And while the debate continue on solutions to assist the underserved residents, do your research and apply to every single apartment you’re eligible for through Housing Connect.

Have you or someone you know every applied for the housing lottery? If so, What was your experience like?

in Bed Stuy

After 50 years in the community, a Bed Stuy Soul Food institution is closing its doors.

Royal Rib House was a staple in the neighborhood since the 60’s and was known for long lines of patrons waiting for a taste of their delicious southern barbecue meals (particularly the chopped bbq).

And along with good food came good southern hospitality by way of North Carolina.

The barbecue sauce was so popular, it started selling at Foodtown supermarkets.

Not too many restaurants survive 50 years in the business. That’s a testament to the owners who will retire leaving many former customers sad to see them go.

Have you ever visited Royal Rib House before?

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