Bushwick Residents Want Neighborhood Trash Free

bushwick residents want neighborhood trash free

Bushwick residents step up

Taking matters into their own hands, three women who live in Bushwick teamed up to make their neighborhood cleaner.

The Clean Brooklyn Initiative, started in 2016, hosts monthly meet ups where Bushwick residents gather to help clean up parks, streets and other public places.

New York’s City Council passed legislation for business improvement districts and initiatives like this could inspire legislation to fund local cleaning efforts.

As the organization grows they hope to get more local politicians involved.

Do you block have an active Block Association or other groups engaged in community outreach?

Live here in Bushwick

Living in Bushwick, you’ll find great apartments like this one we featured not long ago.

Enjoy the eclectic night life and art scene throughout the neighborhood.

Would you consider making Bushwick your next place to live?

Brownsville tenants under surveillance

A Brooklyn landlord wants to install a facial recognition system for tenants to enter building. Brownsville’s Atlantic Plaza Towers are concerned about the process and they should be.

If you’re not familiar with this technology, the software captures your facial features to create an identity signature unique to your appearance.

While it might sound like it will increase building security for residents, it could easily have the opposite effect of placing residents under surveillance and violate other privacy concerns.

A representative from Brooklyn Legal Services Tenants Right Coalition says she never heard of such system used in rent regulated housing.

Should this landlord be legally allowed to collect biometric data from tenants to enter a building they live in?

Flatbush real estate development dilema

Flatbush is losing its architectural character to new construction projects throughout the neighborhood.

Lenox Road is a prime example. Several Victorian homes have been demolished making way for 7 and 8 story buildings.

Some distressed home owners were victims of duress selling their valuable properties for little to no consideration.

Father and son team of Launch Development pled guilty to wire and bank fraud for their part in deceiving unsuspecting home owners.

What’s your thoughts about losing so Victorian homes to large construction projects changing the look and feel of Flatbush?

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