Are Lifelong Bed Stuy Residents At Risk to Gentrification?

are lifelong bed stuy residents at risk to gentrification

Are Lifelong Bed Stuy Residents At Risk to Gentrification?

It seems that way. Bed Stuy is just one of the neighborhoods hit hardest by gentrification.

In fact, the popular neighborhood is past the initial stage of gentrifying and is in advanced stages.

Where Bed Stuy used to be an affordable option to place roots, it’s clearly not the case anymore with record breaking home sales and high rental rates.

In fact, studies have shown that several low to moderate income neighborhoods face similar displacement.

Is your neighborhood at risk? View the map to see the trend.

Do you think the city is doing enough to protect low income renters in gentrifying neighborhoods?

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What Happened to 774 Halsey St?

Sure, you can walk down Halsey Street and Ralph Avenue and see the community garden on display by diligent and hard working community residents.

But have you ever thought about what previously occupied that corner lot and why it’s no longer there?

774 Halsey had quite a history prior to it’s demise. It was a thriving commercial space consisting of a Saloon, Confectionery store, Democratic Club and an Undertaker business during its history.

And above the stores were rental units where the monthly rent was a whopping $12 in 1912!

However, along the years the place was deemed uninhabitable due to two fires compromising the structure. The building eventually fell into financial despair.

Are you surprised at how much the former Mayor of NYC sold the building at public auction?

Brooklyn Tea: A Bed Stuy Love Story

Where love and business comes together.

Once Alfonso introduced Jamila to the fragrant flavors of tea while on a date, she was hooked.

Now the couple are Bed Stuy entrepreneurs of Brooklyn Tea, a thriving establishment on Nostrand Avenue where they delight in exposing the benefits and joys of tea.

So the next time you want to meet up at a Starbucks, why not stop for some tea instead.

How often do you make tea a beverage of choice?

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