Bed Stuy Brownstone in Search of its Second Act

a bed stuy brownstone searching for its second act

I could see Mother Sister on the stoop of this bed stuy brownstone lecturing The Mayor about his recent conduct.

If you lived in Ocean Hill during the 70’s, you had the kind of neighbors Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis portrayed in Do The Right Thing.

But Clarence and Bessie were the complete opposite.

It was here at 575 Bainbridge St they raised 5 children, enjoyed holidays with their grandchildren and watched everyone descend on their backyard for their annual BBQ cookout on Memorial Day.

But their production wrapped at this location some time now.

Are you ready to give this bed stuy brownstone its second act?

at 575 Bainbridge Street

a bed stuy brownstone searching for its second actWatch enough movies and T.V. shows and you recognize how often a location is used from details you see in the background.

Details like an arched room entrance, a bay window and french doors are always prominent architectural features.

This early 20th century row house at 575 Bainbridge St has details like that and more inside its spacious rooms and high ceilings.

But this house has seen better days.

In fact, it’s common to find homes this age in Brooklyn with delayed maintenance and needing important upgrades.a bed stuy brownstone searching for its second act

But opportunities like this is where shrewd home buyers get the best real estate value for their dollar.

Otherwise, the alternative would be to pay seven figures for a rehab / flipped row house.

an Ocean Hill section of Bed Stuy?

a bed stuy brownstone searching for its second actFew people are aware that the neighborhood borders for Ocean Hill didn’t exist past Fulton Street until the mid 70’s.

According to this map, anything north of Atlantic Avenue and west of Broadway was known as Bedford Stuyvesant, which includes Bainbridge Street.

And as far as the late Clarence and Bessie and all their neighbors are concerned, they live in Bed Stuy.

You can view a map to see what’s available at this location before you come and see this Brownstone.

In addition, see the floor plans provided and discover the possibilities at this authentic turn of the century row house.

Tell us what your plans are in the comments section below.

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